Google Business Leads Generator


Google Lead Generator is best software in market for scraping businesses on Google Places in a matter of minutes. With Google Lead Generator you can generate business leads based on keywords, Country, State, City, PIN Code etc. as per your own requirements from any corner of the world.



Tired of trying to find leads on internet manually and still not getting any direct contact points to your potential customers? Use Google Business Lead Generator to scrape thousands of B2B leads from popular websites in just a matter of minutes.

Google Business Lead Generator is the most advanced, specialised website scraping software that aims to save your time in collecting leads from major websites automatically. Export all your data into Excel format and deal with it like a pro. Skip the struggle and convert more leads than ever.

Instead of searching for and hand-writing every contact yourself, it can extract thousands of direct contacts by any keyword within minutes.

Your can easily extract following data :

  • Business Name and Category
  • Address
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Phone number
  • Map Link
  • Co-ordinates
  • Email address
  • many other links


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