Cinema advertising allows businesses and organizations to directly marketing to their potential customers. While television demographics are impossible to pin down the target audience, movie audiences are generally easy to determine. Another advantage is that unlike home viewers or print media, cinema-goers can’t change the channel or opt out of viewing. Advertisers who take advantage of a captive audience of this magnitude have tremendous opportunity to send a forceful message about the product or service which people will remember long after the film is over.

TV programs are often of same type or include older programs with actually very low viewer ratings but Cinema programming consists of first-run movies attracting huge audiences every weekend.

Many TV viewers miss commercials because they’re multi-tasking or they avoid commercials altogether whereas Cinema audiences are highly receptive, captive and engaged with the activity on cinema screen.

The distinct advantage of cinema advertising is that your audience is captive, local and totally focused on the screen. A local ad on the big screen will be watched and absorbed by the audience without distraction.

So it is a wise decision to screen the advertisement at Cinema Theaters to reach the potential customer and create a space in their mind to also think about your product / service.

In many cases Cinema Advertising also economical than displaying a Hoarding at roadside.

Available Cinema Screens Options :

  • Movie Times Platinum SPA Cinema – I (Jammu)
  • Movie Times Platinum SPA Cinema – II (Jammu)
  • Movie Times Platinum SPA Cinema – III (Jammu)
  • Movie Times – Audi I (Jammu)
  • Movie Times – Audi II (Jammu)
  • Movie Times – Audi II (Jammu)
  • Moonlight Cinema – (Kathua)
  • Ritz Cinema – (Shimla)
  • Shahi Theatre – (Shimla)
  • Sunder Multiplex Audi 1 (Solan)
  • Sunder Multiplex Audi 2 (Solan)
  • Ayaan Cinemas – Audi 1 (Hamirpur)
  • Ayaan Cinemas – Audi 2 (Hamirpur)
  • Piccadily Multiplex (Manali)
  • Kusum Theater (Mandi)
  • Roshan Multiplex (Bhoontar)
  • Supreme Mega Mart Screen-1 (Sunder Nagar)
  • Supreme Mega Mart Screen-2 (Sunder Nagar)
  • Purnam Multiplex Audi-1 (Bilaspur)
  • Purnam Multiplex Audi-2 (Bilaspur)
  • Pearl Cinema Audi – 1 (Palampur)
  • Pearl Cinema Audi – 2 (Palampur)
  • Yashita Multiplex Aud-1 (Palampur)
  • Yashita Multiplex Aud-2 (Palampur)
  • Dholadhar Talkies Aud-1 (Dharamshala)
  • Dholadhar Talkies Aud-2 (Dharamshala)
  • UFO Cinema Screens (All India)
  • Qube Cinema Network (All India)